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Live Recording

There is a unique energy and authenticity in live performances. Our high-end portable recording rig is designed to capture this magic, bringing studio-quality recording to your chosen environment. 

We’ve tracked live acts across Australia with our portable setup, as well as acts in Japan, the US and UK.

Whether you’re a jazz ensemble thriving on improvisation or a band looking to record a live session for extra content, we’re equipped to make it happen with clarity and warmth.

JNP’s live recording service is more than just documenting a performance; it’s about preserving the vibe and soul of your art as it was performed in the moment.

We'll bring our good stuff with us


We bring studio-quality to your doorstep with our live recording services. 

Our mobile rig features high-end gear from Universal Audio, Genelec, Neve, API, SSL, and Neumann, ensuring your live performances are captured with the utmost clarity and quality. 

Back at the studio our racks are filled with iconic processors like the 1176, LA2As, and Pultecs etc – we can deliver the exceptional sound JNP is known for, anywhere. .


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