Why Remote Production?

Music Production

At JNP our evolution into an exclusively remote music production service, after more than two decades running our studio, represents a pioneering step in creating better outcomes for your music. 

We believe that true artistry flourishes in a space of comfort and familiarity – not under the time pressures of a traditional recording studio.

We regularly produce singles, EPs and albums for artists from the US, Canada, UK, all over Europe, Japan, Korea and locally Australia and New Zealand.

Because our experience spans across genres, we have the versatility to ensure that whether you’re seeking a commercial hit or an indie vibe, we can make it happen.

For Solo Artists – send us your demos in any format, we chat in depth about your goals and influences and then we produce the track for you.  For vocals you can send takes you record yourself, or make use of one o our mic & interface packs that we can send you.  Then we mix and master your tracks.

For Bands – we do extensive pre-production online via video calls and studio quality audio streaming and then we get together at a place you’re comfortable with to record everything.  Afterwards, we bring the tracks back to mix and master at our studio.

Whether you require a full production from a voice memo demo you supply or just the final touches to something you’ve been working on as a band or duo, we can adapt to your requirements.


Selected Works

Chaotic Honesty
By: Bridget LM (POP - Independent)
Seven Seas
By: Emily Bristow (FOLK - Independent)
House Party
By: Straynger (HIP-HOP - Mushroom Records)
Rage of Defiance
By: A Place In Prague (INDIE ROCK - Independent)


By: Karise Eden (ROCK - Independent/Universal)
Rearview Mirror
By: Beth Lucas (COUNTRY - Independent)
Bad News
By: Flight To The Nebula (HARD ROCK - Independent)
Dance On The Mountain
By: Kahl Wallis (INDIE POP - Independent/Warner)

Yep, we use all the good stuff


Our studio uses high-end outboard, calibrated dual-subwoofer monitoring, has over a dozen guitars and countless synths.

For those interested, we use gear from Universal Audio, Genelec, Neve, API, SSL, Neumann and have racks full of things with knobs like 1176, LA2As, Pultecs.

We use Presonus Studio One these days and previously used Steinberg’s Cubase for around 20 years.


Years making records

If you're unsure whether we can help you - ask us!

Treat your songs right

Become a JNP client and transform your demos as we discover the untapped potential in your tunes.