Mixing & Mastering

At JNP, we specialise in transforming your recordings into polished, professional-sounding tracks. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, James’ approach to mixing and mastering is deeply rooted in a keen understanding of music’s subtleties and an artist’s intent. 

Utilising a combination of advanced technology and a pair of experienced,  fine-tuned ears, each project is crafted to ensure it resonates with your audience. 

From the shattering depth of a bass line to the crispness of a high hat, every element is treated with the care it deserves, ensuring your music not only sounds great but also truly represents your unique creative voice.

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Mix & Master - Before & After


In-Depth Track Analysis

Before diving into the technical aspects, we thoroughly analyse your tracks to identify key elements and areas for improvement.

Balancing Act

We always aim to achieve a balanced, cohesive mix that enhances the overall feel of the song while maintaining its originality.

Today’s Standards

We mix & master your tracks to meet current industry standards, ensuring your music competes on streaming platforms and all modern environments.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks are a part of our process, ensuring your music translates well in every setting, from intimate headphones to expansive sound systems.

We've mixed & mastered records from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, The UK, The USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, China

Calibrated dual subwoofer setup


We use Genelec’s groundbreaking ‘The Ones’ to monitor your mixes and masters.  Each speaker is time and phase aligned with its own subwoofer and all speakers are calibrated perfectly for our room.  


Years making records

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