Sound Replacement

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Unlock the full potential of your music with our bespoke Sound Replacement service.

As a lifetime musician, James understands the importance of using high-quality sounds in any production to assist in raising the ceiling of the result.

Whether you’re working with MIDI files or audio tracks, our extensive collection of premium sounds, utilised on chart-topping albums, is at your disposal.


Send us your MIDI files for drums, synths, pianos, organs, keyboards, and more. Our library is a treasure trove of iconic sounds, including:

  • Classic Drum Machines: From the punch of an 808 to the crispness of a 909 and beyond, we have sounds from all eras to bring your rhythm sections to life.
  • Keyboards and Organs: Authentic Hammond B3 tones, velvety Rhodes sounds, iconic pianos of all shapes and sizes.
  • Synthesizers: Experience classic synths with authentic analog overtones. Our collection includes meticulously sampled sounds that recreate the character and warmth of vintage gear.
  • Acoustic Drums: Transform your MIDI drum tracks with the genuine feel of acoustic drums. Our extensive range of high-quality drum samples includes everything from tight snares to resonant kicks, recorded to capture the authentic dynamics and warmth of live drums.
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Drums and Other Audio


For audio tracks like drum kits, this service is also available. Send us your recordings, and we’ll replace key elements with sounds from our expertly curated collection.  Many of our drum sounds we have created ourselves with amazing drummers and kits over the years.

Our Process

  • Detailed Selection: Carefully choosing replacement sounds that not only match but enhance the energy and style of your original tracks.
  • Tailored Enhancement: Processing each sound with precision, tailored to the unique context of your song to enrich its overall texture and feel.
  • Seamless Integration: Meticulously aligning new sounds with your existing tracks, preserving or enhancing timing and dynamics.
  • Collaborative Effort: Maintaining open communication to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision and expectations.

Curated sounds over 20 years in the making


Many of our sound banks are totally unique – recorded by us with great session musicians, patches created ourselves, or sampled from gear we own.

Ideal for artists desiring the richness of fully realised instrumentation without the complexities of extensive sample libraries, our sound replacement service offers a seamless route to achieving the depth and texture your projects deserve.


Years making records

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Enhance your tunes with new sounds

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